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Berita Terbaru VGMC

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Berikut berita terbaru VGMC di kutip dari group facebook. Untuk mengartikan dan mentranslate ke dalam bahasa Indonesia silahkan di copy paste lewat google translate atau media translate lainnya baik offline maupun online.

DATE: 24TH JULY 2013

VIRGIN GOLD MINING CORPORATION is the Pre-IPO company head office located in Panama as offshore company and have Premire office service in Dubai to serve all premier shareholders in Asia. The company are doing mining business and start to offer CPS-share since January 2010. The main goal of VGMC is to go IPO as public listing in stock market as many mention in website FAQ, term and condition before subscribe the share. But many shareholders are confusing they invest money is to get Dividend and Bonus only not want to go IPO. This is the different purpose between VGMC and its shareholders. VGMC offer only any shareholders who want to go in stock market.

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Below is the summary that I got from the meeting with VGA during in Malaysia.
  1. Why AGMAC have to return back all CPS-GOLD shares to VGMC Panama?
  2. Why VGMC no more update news and any more contact in their website?
  3. When KYC process in Asia?
  4. KYC is real or not?
  5. That is the procedure to do KYC?
  6. When we can get money back VAD if not convert IPO?
  7. If not do KYC what will happen to their share?
  8. Can the share transferable during this time?
  9. Why we need to pay 0.20 usd for cps-platinum and cps-silver? why cps-gold we have to pay 0.78 usd?
  10. For the account use same information what will be the problem?
  11. What is the Neure Service Limited company?
  12. When go IPO? What is expecting price?
  13. How the company make payment to us after convert IPO?
  14. Why company staffs are resign from VGMC?
  15. When we expect to sell our share after convert IPO?
  16. What happen if we decide not to convert IPO?
  17. Why they go all products at the same time?
  18. What is VGA suggestion?
dikutip dari https://www.facebook.com/groups/KorbanVGMC/497510210323632/

Yang menjadi pertanyaan apakah VGA (virgin gold ambassador) itu perwakilan perusahaan???? Kalau memang VGA adalah perwakilan dari perusahaan dan memberikan ulasan seperti diatas seandainya investasi yang ditanamkan tidak bisa ditarik kembali, maka VGA juga bisa dimintai keterangan atas gagal bayar investasi yang telah diinvestasikan oleh shareholder VGMC.

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  1. Were did u get this information?

  2. on a facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/KorbanVGMC/497510210323632/

  3. Do u belive this came from vgmc and are something to pay attention to? Im sure 200.000 shareholders are confused and very very sceptical because no one has go any info since 5th of june....3 months ago, and in the meantime they even ask us to pay more.so if this facebook group has got the info from the company, its good....


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